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Why is life insurance important?


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In most cases we are always thinking about some basic necessities not covered and that we must solve, either buy a food, dress, book, in short, but we almost never wake up thinking about buying life insurance, that when we go shopping we will Acquiring, we do not see it as a necessity, even many think it is a service aimed at the wealthiest social classes, we do not include it within our priorities because there are others that we think are more important. In this sense we assume a negative aptitude for the proposal to buy life insurance, we make illogical reasoning such as saying, "If I buy I'll make a richer" in short others "will not come other people to enjoy the benefits of my Death" And there are people who through excuses evade the proposal, for example "I have no plans to die yet", "I am young and joy of good health", "My parents and family can help."

This type of reasoning is the product of ignorance of the value of life insurance at the time of need or the real reason to have it, life insurance is not for the benefit of the holder, is for the benefit of your loved ones, your family , that are not vulnerable to the economic situation we live in, to pay even some debts contracted by the holder, his funeral service, in short.

Life insurance is a benefit you get for your family and loved ones, so it's important to have it, some of the reasons are:

There are minors in your family: If you have young children no matter how old you are, you have to watch out for them, you don't have to wait any longer, you have to have life insurance.

If you're married and older than 35 years old. Both age and your marital status is an indicator that you must have life insurance and see it as a priority. You have a Partner Life project and it's time to plan your financial future.

If you are a young person under the age of 30 and with excellent health. It's time to buy or hire a life insurance, why? Because you can get a lower-than-normal premium, it is advisable to think of long-term life insurance with premium returns.

If you're an independent worker. It is time to think about the vulnerability you have, because you can suffer an accident that gives you a total and permanent disability that does not allow you to continue working and generate income. Being independent you are your own boss, you have to worry about yourself, here is not worth the age you have, if you are married, if you have children, is the least. The important thing is that you depend on your work and your abilities to generate the livelihood income of the family.

Securing the future ensuring an income in case of total and permanent disability. No matter if you are an employee or a worker on your own, when an event of this type occurs you are unable to generate income, coverage of life insurance can be very useful in these cases.

If you're 40 years old or older and you have kids. In this case life insurance is urgent and your health may not be the same as before and you should also be aware of it, at that age is advisable not to spend more time and get life insurance.

Replace the income you produce in the event of death.

Have a financial instrument that allows you to save, invest or have a collateral for loan.

Create an inheritance for your loved ones.

Have funds for unexpected funeral expenses.

It is the opportune time to analyze in cold that life insurance is a "product" of first necessity, the man of today who lives in a globalized world, in constant changes, the daily stress leads him to have a hectic life and with many jumps , life is finite let's take the risks and get life insurance for more peace of mind for both one and our family.

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  • Why is life insurance important?
    Why is life insurance important?

    In most cases we are always thinking about some basic necessities not covered and that we must solve, either buy a food, dress, book, in short, but we almost....