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What does life insurance cover?


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Protection to face extreme situations, life insurance are policies that guarantee economic solvency for both the contractor and its beneficiaries.

Extremely popular, products such as life insurance, have always managed to arouse a special interest since they relate immediately to that choice that from caution manages to chart the route to avoid financial shortages.

If it is taken into account that there are certain situations that, however much you want, cannot be avoided, then there is no option but to prepare to cope and that is why these policies become a means to contribute to the, for example, in a family, children can continue their studies and that the receipts can be paid even though the main provider dies or becomes incapacitated and cannot work.

What exactly is a life policy?
It is a type of insurance that aims to offer compensation or compensation, at the same time that the holder suffers from illness, accident or simply, dies.

Risks it covers
To understand more broadly what it is, it's critical to be clear about the primary and secondary vulnerabilities that can be part of your coverage catalog:

Death: This protection is the basis of everything, however, it should not be ignored that, although it is commonly said that the cause does not matter, the part of the exceptions should be reviewed in detail as some insurers do not recognize the practice of high-risk sports or suicide as valid causes for disbursement.

Diseases: each company, develops a kind of catalog of diseases and diseases where it stipulates those it covers and those that do not.
Incapacity: caused either by illness or accident, if the insured person is no longer able to work and therefore ceases to receive a salary, the compensation may be made effective.

The amount of money to be insured
It is important that the interested party takes some time to analyze this section in detail, as ideally it is that the capital is about 5 times higher than the gross salary he receives annually.

Here you will have a lot to do with whether you have a mortgage, because if you do, you will have to add this amount so that the beneficiaries can pay it off, as if you have other debts.

The age of the persons in charge will also be relevant as it is not the same if a certain figure for basic studies should be added to the case of higher education.

Is it as important as ever said?
The truth is that, although it is not mandatory, if it is an option with many advantages since its coverage is composed of risks to which absolutely all of us are exposed.

Perhaps, people with a partner or children are the ones who are most called to think about their acquisition, but for no one it is a secret that its positive effect can be enjoyed at any age and regardless of the context or dynamics in which it lives.

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