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5 Tips to Prevent Theft and Use Your Home Insurance


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Although it is essential to have home insurance so as not to be unprotected from possible incidents (breakage of glass, fires...) it is true that the less we resort to our insurance company, the better. Firstly because it assumes that something undesirable has happened and secondly because it is always a disorder.

In the case of thefts to the fact that you have to make use of the insurance, the impotence, the insecurity that comes with the fact that an intruder has entered your property and the chagrin that you have taken your things away. Perhaps it's a good option for a security company to help you avoid those events that we don't want to happen.

What can active security do for you?

Go ahead that the three "legs" that make up active security are video surveillance (security cameras), access controls and alarm with real-time police warning. The objective is the prevention of the assault, that the caco does not get into your house, garage or storage room, that is, your property.

But beyond using active security, let's give you 5 tips that can help you prevent theft:

1- Common sense: there are measures that depend on oneself not to tempt thieves. When you're going to leave the house remember to close the windows, lock the door, watch suspicious people prowling the neighborhood community and if you leave for several days, try to give the image that there is someone at home (let a neighbor pick up your mail , do not close all blinds...).

2- Install security cameras: in addition to being a deterrent, it is a very useful tool to recognize intruders who have sneaked into the house.

3- Motion simulators: precisely to pretend that there is someone at home when we are not. These devices turn on lights and small appliances (TV, radio) programmatically so that it gives the impression that it is inhabited.

4- Access controls: it's about make it difficult for poos. And remember that not only are the homes the target of the thugs but the garages and storage rooms have become the favorite "victims" of the assailants, so installing controls such as fingerprints or proximity cards are very practical.

5- Alarms: but with immediate warning to the police because remember that you should never face an intruder. They are the professionals who have to solve the situation.

In any is highly recommended a video surveillance system with warning to the police in real time that will prevent the entry of the thief and if finally it gets into your property it is best that you have home insurance that takes care of the incident.

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