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Housing Multirisk Insurance


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Before deciding to take insurance for your home you must analyze the alternatives introduces you to the insurance broker, the most logical thing is to get the home insurance that best suits your needs, home insurance presents facilities for payment of premiums , it is usually done monthly so that you can protect the main investment we make in our lives as it is to have a home. In this sense if we take the Multirisk insurance that covers both the structure of the House and the objects that it contains, like for example from the appliances, jewels, works of art and furniture, to the civil liability to third parties and even in some Electrical service interruption, refrigerated food.

As we can see is a good insurance, it covers a whole range of coverages that meet our needs.

However, Multirisk insurance usually includes, in addition to liability insurance, the replenishment of content and continent, what does this mean? The continent refers to the value of the physical structure either a dwelling or building without including the ground, which would cost rebuilding it if there were total destruction caused by fire, flood or earthquake. The content is everything we consider of value, is under the roof and we want to protect.

The Multirisk insurance consists of a policy that ensures the vast majority of risks that can be produced in a house, not only covers as we have said the civil responsibility but also the continent and the content.

What coverages does the risk insurance have?

Contents: Cover all those elements that are inside the house, such as furniture, appliances, jewellery, works of art in short, the insurance companies segment the coverage in several parts to say; The basic content includes furniture and appliances, jewelry, works of art is another coverage that if you want is included within the content and valuables that are all those objects that exceed the amount that the insurance company has established to Such goods, in this case these objects will be subject to an appraisal to verify the real value of the same, to assure them implies to pay more and there is a considerable increase in the premium.

Continents: Includes everything that is structure of the house, such as: walls, ceilings, fixed installations (water, gas, heating) is also included despite not being within the structure of the house but they are part of it and they are within plot or land , such as the pool, the garage, which does not include the coverage are trailers, trailers, pleasure boats, jet skis.

Civil Liability: Covers all damage that can be produced consciously or unconsciously in a home. Civil liability coverage includes compensation to be paid for damages caused to third parties. A graphic example, leave the faucet open and this causes damage to the neighbor's housing causing a flood, it is very important to review very well the conditions of the policy as at the time to enforce your policy regarding this eventual fact and Unconscious insurers tend to evade responsibility, which is why the policy conditions must be clear so that they do not surprise us.

Generally, the main damages covered by the vast majority of insurance companies in the coverage of civil liability are: theft, fire or explosion of the house, break of windows and doors glass, electrical problems (low and rise of voltage), Leaks, pipe breaks, a vehicle to lie part of the facade of the house, the fall of lightning, acts vandalism.

If we want to have peace of mind I suggest to buy a risk insurance because we have the opportunity to secure our property, our housing and damages to third parties. It is an investment since the insurance company according to the coverages you have chosen, in case of an "accident" will answer for the damages caused.

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