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tips for ordering the family economy


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Every 31 October, World Savings Day is celebrated. The festivities seek to highlight the importance of savings in the personal and country economy.
The celebration arose in 1924, when delegates from different nations gathered in Italy at the International Savings Congress, an event that lasted several days and ended on 31 October, hence the chosen date.

Business Administration graduate Lucía Aguilar, from her Instagram account (@luli.invests) encourages people to sort their finances, save and invest, so that money ceases to be a source of anxiety and becomes a source of possibilities and freedoms.
"If we have finances in order, an emergency fund for contingencies, we can sleep much more peacefully and we have options," she pounces. As part of the international celebration of Savings Day, the graduate gave Clarín her tips to sort the accounts and start saving.

Sort the accounts to understand what comes in and out of the family economy. Income: Wages, billing. Investments: Rentals, yields, dividends.
It is very important to be able to budget all the areas where we finally always end up spending. For example, if it is important for us to go to the cinema, the theater, have a cultural budget, or if we like to make many gifts, always budget gifts, and do not catch us unprepared.
Know the monthly savings capacity and commit to that number. Save as soon as you enter the money. Don't wait to see that left over because there's never left over.
When I help people sort their accounts, I never find who, when he calculates his income, less egress gives him a negative number. There's a widespread misconception that we spend less than we actually spend.

Understand where the money escapes. Identify ant expenses: superfluous and sometimes harmful habits (cigarettes, coffees).
Without realizing it, these micro-expenses erode our family economy like the drop of water that falls steadily on the stone. If we understand where the money is going, we can intentionally put the expense. In this way we decide what makes us happy, what expenses really impact our lives in a positive way, and which not, being able to cut them. So we also started to change our relationship with money.

Invest automatically, allocate all that direct money to investment.
Argentinians like to make fixed deadlines and buy scars to store under the mattress. They are two lousy investments, which do not even retain the value of money. It is very important to start to understand how to do minimally to conserve the value of money over time and as we stife as investors, to see alternatives to generate value with our capital. (Living in financial income, at least a small percentage of our expenses)

I set up your emergency fund, 3 to 12 months of fixed expenses, depending on your activity. And don't touch them, unless you have a real emergency.
It is the safety net that we have to walk through life with more peace of mind, knowing that we lose our job, or decide to quit, we have a separate money to be able to continue living for a couple of months. This fund is important to have it invested also so that the value of the money is preserved over time.

Consider short-, medium- and long-term financial objectives.
Write them down and live to fulfill them, in this way it is much easier to make concessions in superfluous expenses, in order to conquer much more ambitious dreams.

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