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Insurance for works of art


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The works of art are legacies of history that have left us over the years. Museums, galleries, thousands of works are all over the world. The value of a work of art is determined by various elements, the author, years old, the type of material used for its creation, among others, and for things like you are that many people decide to secure their works of art but being part of the INMUEB It is also important to protect them from any eventuality.

An option could be a home insurance, either by a natural disaster or by some theft that will suffer your property, but being very general, your artwork may not be covered 100%

Nowadays there is the insurance for works of art that covers the loss of the same in case of robbery, fire, earthquake or other type of meteorological phenomenon.

If we are honest, the costs of hiring such insurance are high, but think, if you suffer the theft or some time, will the insurance or loss of your artwork be more expensive?

As we know, the goal of any insurance is to have an economic support of a person and what better way to do it than by protecting that which has greater economic value like this type of artistic works, you don't want to lose them, right?
If you own a valuable work of art and after reading this you just realized that the work is really important, never forget to quote, find the best options, read the clauses and ask absolutely all your questions.
Don't forget that it's better to be safe than sorry!

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