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How do I contract life insurance?


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Life tends to give us surprises, some nice, some nothing good, and one of those, death can give us the surprise, and for this, do you have a life insurance available? When you contract life insurance, you have to consider:
The sum insured.

Refer to the amount of money your family or beneficiary (s) will receive if you fail. It is important that when you set this amount in your insurance you take into account:

A. The number of people who depend on you and their ages (if they are under age, economic conditions may grow in your favor).

B. How much are your home expenses every month? No matter the number of members or what you spend each one of them.

C. If someone is studying or going to do it, how much will you spend or spend at school?.

D. How much salary do you earn per month?.

With these parameters you will have an idea of how much would be the ideal sum that your family could receive, but eye, also choose an insurance that you can pay according to your chances in life.

The Premium

It's the price of your insurance. Not always the one who costs the most is the best, verifies the additional conditions and benefits offered by each institution. The amount of is depends many factors, such as your sex, employment, risks to which you expose yourself day by day, in short, many parameters that are unfolded daily with you.

That's what your insurance covers. The main is death. You can find additional ones such as: invalidity, organic losses, funeral expenses, terminal illnesses, among others.

The beneficiaries:

Those who perceive compensation in the case provided by the policy. Pay special attention when you design your beneficiaries:
A) write the names clearly, and you need to say how much percentage you touch each one of them. It verifies that in the end, the sum of all the percentages of a.

B) do not choose as beneficiaries to minors.

Protection is a priority, compare and choose the best insurance you have safe your family.

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