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HCM Health insurance Policy


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It is a formal contract, which establishes payment agreements and clauses which describe the guidelines of the benefits that will or should not, both the owner of the same and the affiliates, depending on the limits and pre-established conditions. This agreement may be of a collective or individual nature in order to indemnify or compensate for expenses arising from health disorders, accidents, medical treatments that may lead to hospitalization, and/or non-aesthetic surgical interventions.
In this sense, the insurance undertaking shall be obliged to cover the clinically necessary expenses in which the policyholder may incur as well as his/her direct family members who are covered by the policy.

As for the collective insurance, it is usually carried out by a company in which the employer or employers is administratively responsible for agreeing the negotiation, in order to contribute to the preservation of the health and quality of life of its employees (in this case the " "Policy holders" and direct family members who are covered by the policy (referred to as the "beneficiaries" effect).

In the case of Individual insurance, this is an inescapable investment that consciously assumes a member of the family (usually the person responsible for the family load), which obviously affects their budget, however, it is a A reasonable and well-justified decision in order to get out in front of any event, associated with the health and the possible risks to those that could be exposed or simply to be affected affecting both the health and the well-being of the Family members.

On the other hand, in many countries it is State policy, to be guarantors in the area of social responsibility, for the right to health, as a result, the state must be guarantor to provide health care programs that can provide services Free of charge to those people who are not eligible for private health care.

In this regard, there are special programs designed to give exceptional attention to those that cannot afford their medical expenses or that simply have some condition that they are often excluded or are not accepted by private insurance companies .

In this way, it is important to highlight the services that Medicare can provide, which is a social security program administered by the U.S. government. It functions as an insurance that provides its services of hospitalization and medical expenses to the citizens over 65 years that are within the jurisdiction. It can also treat minors as long as they are serious pathologies such as: cancer, kidney failure, dialysis requirements, among others. It also has Medicaid and CHIP that caters to pregnant women and children of very low economic resources.

What expenses can an HCM insurance policy cover?
The coverage of the policy may vary from one insurance company to another, it also has notable incidence, the cost of the health insurance policy HCM, however, usually cover medically required expenses such as: professional treating physician fees, Expenses for hospitalization, laboratory tests, resonances, ultrasound, ultrasound, X-rays, dental expenses, ophthalmological expenses, funeral services, ambulance transfers services, maternity and obstetrics, expenses for Surgical interventions, expenses caused by viral illnesses, expenses derived from accidents and medical emergencies that are not the result of pre-existing illnesses.

In this regard, it is important to note that there are waiting periods between 3 and 18 months, for the use of insurance, due precisely to pre-existing diseases the policyholder or one of its beneficiaries, but does not apply this measure when These are personal accidents or illnesses that deserve immediate attention such as appendicitis, respiratory infections, among others.


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