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What if the credit limit on my credit cards is over?


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The current economy is something adverse for all, the coming and going with the money makes that sometimes we make mistakes that we get more expensive than we thought, one of those mistakes is to surpass the credit that is given to us in our cards.

You know what happens if you do this?
Absolutely all credit cards have a maximum credit limit granted to the customer, the limit varies according to the customer wants or can pay for that credit.

But there are also cards that do not allow to exceed that amount (which is great because you avoid financial debts that in the future you can not pay) especially the newer and with methods other than traditional.

But, in the event that we fail the numbers and your bank allows you, exceeding the limit of your card can bring serious economic problems, and see that no one wants to be marked in a credit bureau for not being able to pay what they spend more.

Passing the limit of your cards has serious consequences when overturning what the bank and you already had agreed.

Each bank is the executioner of each of its clients, that is to say, each stable bank the interest that you will pay more for having overturned your card; There are banks that for example apply an interest of 30 euros nothing more to appear exceeded the limit the first day. But if you do not pay, the interest will increase, logically, resulting in a large economic debt, falling into trouble with the bank in question.

Conclusion? Coconut, do well your accounts, overturning the credit cards you have at your disposal can get more expensive than you think, definitely find a better method of how to pay and finance your purchases will be the best option.

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