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How safe is it to buy online with credit cards?


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Buying online is becoming more and more common, whether it's for comfort, convenience and even the variety that we can find online, but are you sure that your online payments are secure?
The answer is yes, of course you can make safe purchases online, and well, we give you some recommendations to have a good experience online:

⦁ just do your shopping in trusted establishments and have a secure server to protect your information. The company's name, address and NIF must appear on the website; Do not buy on pages Ducky.

⦁ the security of Web pages are key to see if we come or not. A closed padlock icon must appear to ensure it is a secure page; This padlock appears in the status bar of your browser window. The secure connection will change the address in the direction bar from "http://..". To "https://...".

⦁ Be sure that the Web page you plan to buy has its trusted certificates.

⦁ Never type your card number in an email, there are times when emails appear instead of pages.

⦁ Never a page on the Internet will cause you to give your security pin, although you usually ask for the security Number (CVV) on the back.

⦁ Take care of your credit limit, never exceed the amount you have established.

⦁ Annotates All transactions you make online, carries a control and prints your statements to know that or you have not bought. Check constantly.

⦁ Also refer to the delivery deadlines and the rights and conditions for the return of the product. Sometimes the shipping cost may be charged to your credit card.

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