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5 tips to make you save money


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Logically all we are in the need of wanting to save money, but we know that this costs a bit, is for that reason that we will now give you some tips to save and earn more money for your life. You must only pay attention.

1: Quit smoking

It is not easy, but if you smoke a pack and a half per day, it means close to $100 a year that could save if you stop the habit. According to the Centers for Disease Control, the percentage of Americans who smoke cigarettes now is below 20 percent for the first time since at least mid-1960.

2: Save on electricity

To get your water heater thermostat at 10° F, you can save between 3 and 5 per cent in energy costs. And the installation of a request or tankless water heater can give a saving of up to 30 percent in comparison with a standard storage tank water heater.

3: Annualize expenses

It spends $2 a week on snacks at the office vending machine? That means $30 which is withdrawing its budget on soft drinks and snacks each year. Suddenly, this habit becomes a considerable sum.

4: Eliminate your debt

If you are trying to save money by using a budget but it still carries a large debt, start by debt. Are you not convinced? Add up how much you spend per month in child support debt and you'll quickly realize. Once he is free from paying interest on its debt, that money can save easily. A personal line of credit is only an option to consolidate debt, in order to be able to cancel it better.

5: Vacation in your own home

Although it may sound biased, the idea behind this is sound: instead of spending thousands on plane tickets, look at your own backyard for a fun holiday close to home. If you can not handle, look for cheap flights in their region.

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