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You know what are the types of life insurance


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Life insurance is a type of policy for people consisting of the prior payment of a sum of money in the event of death or incapacity. When these types of insurance contract is left to a person that it charge the insurance in case of lack of policy who hires.

They are useful when it comes to wanting to leave an amount of money to our children or our partner in our possible future absence. Now, let's look at some modalities that have this type of policy.

Policy of insurance in the event of death.

Also called insurance life risk. They consist of the payment of a sum of money agreed for a period of time agreed. The time in which the insured dies, the person may charge the amount of money that has been paid. They can be hired for a period of time or they can sign up until the moment of death. In the first case, the contract may be renewed but the company should not pay any amount until the death of the insured will not occur. In the event that the insured had a debt, the insurance will pay it partially or completely. This will depend on the amount of money paid by the insured.

In the case of a life insurance policy.

These are called les insurance of life saving. The beneficiaries of these policies, contrary to the previous case, tend to be those who hire them. It consists of a premium payment as if it were a case of savings; If for the moment in which the policy who hires live remains expires, will charge the agreed premium. It is a good way to ensure comfort after retirement, for example. Of course it is important to know that this is not one of the best methods of saving that there are, will not generate great interest; but it is true that run less risk than with other financial instruments.


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