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Personal Accident Insurance


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There is a personal saying "we must heal in health", it is true personal accident insurance is a guarantee for those who take it as any of us, you are or are prone to suffer a personal accident at any time unexpected and To solve that moment requires to have as answer to the necessary expenses that implies being going through a situation of this type.
That is why it is necessary to have insurance, there are different types of insurance, we will focus on personal accident insurance and we will classify them. The types of Personal accident insurance you can find and access right now. As a rule we must take into account that the type of coverage changes according to what each insurance company offers.

Types of Personal Accident insurance

The basic: This type of insurance offers us different types of coverages, one of the main is accidental death coverage, we can also take other coverages as they are; Accidents that cause invalidity, loss of any member of the body, such as legs, arms or hand, and in these cases we must know if the policy compensates us through a daily rent by accident that corresponds to a money granted for up to one year, of the sum insured to C Onsecuencia of disability, recovery or labor inactivity.

One of the important coverages that this policy must have is the financial support to maintain the quality of life of the beneficiaries of the holder who could die by accident.

This type of policy must be carefully reviewed and read, as in some cases they do not include events such as: Deaths from firearms, suicide or attempted suicide, death from short-stabbing injuries.

Personal accident coverages.
In this case we can mention those products that are special for a particular group of people or for a special characteristic.

Personal accident insurance for the family.
This type of insurance covers the basic core of the family, the object is to maintain the quality of life, mortuary payment for the beneficiary as well as for the children, emergency dental assistance, hospital rent plans, this coverage is important because at Unforeseen emergence we know that the insurance will respond and rectify the problem.

Personal Accident insurance for men
It has been determined by studies statistically made that men are more likely to have an accident, by the activity they perform, many of them are kept driving on roads, in short the man is in the street generating income for the Family core, this policy covers national and international travel assistance, payment of refundable medical expenses against original invoices filed, hospital and other medical expenses.

Personal accident insurance for women.
Nobody is except for a personal accident, women who stay at home coping can have a personal accident as well as those working outside the home, in these cases a personal accident insurance can cover from 18 years to 65 , the benefits offered by insurance companies are: hospitalization (including home), dental care, home health reimbursement against invoices for expenses incurred when buying drugs.

Vacation Personal Accident insurance.
In the event that the policyholder is on vacation and suffers an accident, may be compensated for causing the accidental death, the loss of a member, the insurance company will cover the medical expenses that the insured may incur while Find yourself on a pleasure trip.

Personal Accident insurance for cancer diagnosis.
At the time the beneficiary is diagnosed with cancer and he did not know the insurance company can cover an amount of money that can be used in what the owner considers appropriate.


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