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Another way to make money on the Internet, Blogging


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Blogging is a way to generate money on the Internet that consists of creating and expanding Web pages. First of all we must know that money on the internet is largely moved by advertising.

To exemplify this we take a company that wants their product to be more seen by the people. What you need to do is place your ads in as many places as you can. In order for a product ad to reach a page, the company should contact a Web advertising agency and pay the agreed price.

This price will be divided in the number of pages that the publicity is placed depending on the performance of each one, and the owners of each page perceive their dividends.

How to dabble in blogging?

The first thing to do is to be aware that there will be topics that will be more difficult to exploit than others, so we should know about SEO. Then we'll talk about SEO, now we'll need a domino and some Web builder like WordPress or Blogger. Having the domain and web builder, we will hire a hosting service to maintain our site and we would be ready to start with heavy work.

The SEO.

For its acronym in English, optimization of the search engine, the SEO is a set of techniques that, being well applied, will make your page appear within the first results of the searcher. We must know the basic terms and create a strategy that suits our needs. If our content is well optimized and we chose a good theme, we will position quickly.

The publicity plan.

We must choose the network with which we will work, each one has different plans, different remunerations and conditions. In our page there will be publicity regarding our page. Let's say this is a video game website. Some company will place their ads on our site and we can make money in different ways, the most common are:

CPM (Cost per thousand): This is the least paid but can be profitable if we have many visits a day. Every thousand visits we'll perceive an amount of money ranging from $1 to $10, usually.

CPC (Cost per click): This is a mid-point. We will receive money every time someone clicks on our page ad. Being able to earn about $5 for every click. The downside is that we don't control how many people in every thousand who click. It can be only one or it can be ten a day.

CPA (cost per share): This is the most profitable, but it has its drawbacks. The condition to collect money is to click on the advertising and register or buy the product. Depending on the advertising plan we have we can generate even hundreds of dollars for each action.

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