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Bitcoin a Profitable investment


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The virtual currencies have become an important source of transactions worldwide, becoming in a short time an alternative to the traditional flat currencies, their biggest exponent is the bitcoin, to those important financial analysts of all the World regard as one of the best long-term investments, although of course it has its risks.

The bitcoin is the only Criptomoneda that has its own economic indicator on the new York Stock Exchange, called NYXBT; Which represents the dollar value of a virtual currency unit based on actual transactions occurring in certain Bitcoin exchanges that have been assessed and meet the quality standards set by the stock exchange of New York.

The control of the Bitcoin does not depend on the regulations of a government, central bank, financial institutions or other regulatory entities, it falls on its own users, who validate all operations through point-to-point P2P exchanges, this makes it, So far, practically impossible to manipulate the fluctuations of its value.

How to invest in Bitcoin?

Investing in Bitcoins is relatively simple and anyone can do it, is a process similar to investing in any type of actions, to expect to raise their value and be able to negotiate at the right time to gain a profit; For example in the first months 2012 in the bitcoin price was 8 dollars, currently exceeds 16,000.

You only need to enter a trading platform bitcoins, also known as purses, acquire the amount you want and then you just have to wait for the most opportune time to negotiate your bitcoins, or if you prefer you can have them as a savings that can Give you very good dividends. Important analysts assure that the value of this Criptomoneda will remain on the rise for some time, so they recommend investing in it.

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