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How is it possible to save money?


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Many dream of to save money, pay all the Bills every month but in the end is always a considerable figure. However, this can be a rather difficult objective.

But it doesn't mean that it's impossible, is only follow certain actions, implement some measures and change certain patterns that tend to be responsible for that revenue may not cover as much as you want to.

1. The first step is to register all monthly expenses, so it is possible to see in what area, is spent to then define what is most important and what elements do without to save a bit more.

2. Open a savings account and set a time limit to be able to use.

3. Establish an extra fee to pay for himself, is say, as well as month-to-month is intended a figure for the payment of each service, do the same with the savings account. Though a small amount is deposited, in the long run it will be productive and will also create the habit of saving.

4. Look for extra options to generate income, leisure time activities can turn into something lucrative.
5. try to reduce the costs of electricity and water, heating and air conditioning, also use appliances that are efficient.

6. At the time of purchase the products of first need, find the best prices, it is vital to compare the ratio of price and quality.

7. Reduce the use of credit cards, removed interests that can be saved.

8. Reduce expenses that are not necessary, as the Bills in restaurants and entertainment venues.

9. Do not buy on impulse, although you may want some product, since if you don't immediately need, buy it could alter the budget.

10. In the case of loans, choose options that respond to the personal requirements.


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