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How to make the financing of a business or a company?


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Anyone wishing to start a business is facing a mountain of very complex scale, starting with the financing, without a budget, it is impossible to start. But there are always ways to find the capital necessary to undertake, then some of these excellent alternatives.

Bank loans: it is the most used and to be successful, the best is to describe accurately the business plan, since banks demand to know what is the investment.

Credit cards: it is a common choice and one that allows faster, in this case the best is also very well separate the expenses of the company for personal expenses.

Family and friends: can be very useful your help, provided this is done through a clear contract that defines whether it is a loan or an investment and thus avoid any inconvenience in future.

Venture capitalists: are investors who are willing to take risks and support projects that have potential, but they ask for a percentage of the business.

Investors Angels: operate similarly to venture capitalists, but stand out for their social commitment.

Advances from customers: there are clients that provide financing for a company, whose services interest them.

Incubators and accelerators of startups: provide support to projects and seek external funding.

Collective funding : all those involved in the beginning of the company provide for their development.

Exchange of services: is the union of companies where an Exchange is given to reach the goal, always and when all comply with established agreements or its part.

Public administration: although they tend not to give financing companies, sometimes providing some aid, especially when it's innovative projects and complies with a set of quite specific requirements.


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