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Meet the feria of Malaga in Spain


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August is an important month for Malaga, which is when the feria of Malaga, also called the August fair, which is held to commemorate that day 19 August of 1487, which the city began to form part of the Crown of Castile takes place from the Catholic monarchs.

It is a feast of international stature, a sample of the culture, traditions and charm that Malaga has. The city is decked out to welcome tourists from all over the world and offer a spectacle without equal.

In addition, celebration begins with Fireworks more discourse of character of the city who is known as town crier. Then we start the activities for all kinds of tastes, even you can enjoy a fair day and another fair at night.

Day party has as scenery the historic center of the city, the decorated with lanterns and flowers look for framing concerts and various performances of song, dance and flamenco music, so ladies wear the costume of Gypsy culture. Exhibitions in museums are also noted, as well as the pilgrimage to the sanctuary of la Victoria.

As for the night fair, this takes place at the fairgrounds Cortijo Torres, is characterized by multiple booths where participants come to dance and eat traditional dishes. It also highlights the Plaza de Toros la Malagueta, the amusement parks and the elaboration of the poster.

Malaga fair is simply an excellent reason to visit the city and enjoy the summer, its people, of all its cultural manifestations and its heritage. It is an opportunity of joy for everyone, regardless of age or interests, the fair has a little bit for everyone.


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