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Types of Criptomonedas


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Although traditional money, either in the form of coin or of paper, is still the method most widely used for the exchange of goods and services between users, the truth is that the criptomonedas increasingly are being a better alternative to carry out these operations.

In this regard, it should be noted that Bitcoin pioneered this whole process, however, at present, there are many others with which transactions you want can be.


As it could not be otherwise, Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency that occupies the top of our list. It is logical bearing in mind that it was the pioneer to the creation of a virtual currency system.

Bitcoin arose in 2009 as the first digital currency history and for this reason, today remains the most used by users.

Bitcoin is mainly used as a method of Exchange over the network. All payments that are made with this virtual currency are anonymous and used for transaction codes completely illegible, hence making the system fairly safe.

In recent years it has experienced considerable growth, reaching almost per 1,000 multiply its value. Currently, each unit can vary between 400 and 500 dollars, although it reached the $ 1,000 in a given time, thanks to the multiple transactions that users from all over the world had made.

2 Litecoin

Secondly, we have Litecoin. This cryptocurrency is located in second position in the ranking because, today, is considered the best alternative to the Bitcoin. This criptodivisa uses the same algorithm as the previous and the process to be used is almost the same.

The most significant difference between Litecoin and Bitcoin is that the former has a value much lower, typically ranging between 2 and 3 dollars.

One of the great advantages offered by Litecoin is that us gives the opportunity to make payments immediately at a very low cost almost close to zero. This cryptocurrency is operating on the market since the month of October 2011.

3 Primecoin

Otra de las criptomonedas que se utilizan bastante en el mercado es Primecoin. A diferencia de las dos anteriores, en este caso, el sistema se establece a partir de los números primos.

The correlation of these numbers goes forming chains of figures, which are called Cunningham.

In addition, with Primecoin all transactions that are carried out will be made much more quickly than with Bitcoin e.g.. Some exceed a speed of up to 8 or 10 times more than the first.

Perhaps the only drawback which has Primecoin is presenting a value in the market, touching the 0.03 dollars per unit.

4 Namecoin

Namecoin is one of the few criptomonedas that is not commercial, if not rather, used to create web pages addresses.

The advantage is that all these sites are totally free and independent, so they are not controlled by the relevant bodies that regulate Internet.

Once you create the addresses, are typically sold to users who are interested in acquiring them.

The use of Namecoin is beneficial as a long-term investment, although the value of each unit in the market is not too high, being 0.5 dollars.

Although it has a different function, this cryptocurrency also uses the same parameters as the Bitcoin system.

5 Ripple

If we mentioned earlier that Litecoin was the best alternative to Bitcoin, we now affirm that Ripple is the second most feasible option.

The operation of this cryptocurrency is very similar to the first, since all transactions that are carried out are done in real time and are quite fast.

The advantage of the Ripple is that it has its own currency exchange system, so with this cryptocurrency, you can buy almost any product you want, very easily and without having to buy other programs.

6 Dogecoin

Although the majority of criptomonedas are based on algorithm of Bitcoin, on this occasion, the system of reference for this criptodivisa is Litecoin. What happens is that it includes other features that make it unique.

The maximum benefit that can be obtained using Dogecoin is that your system is capable of generating blocks much faster, almost one per minute.

For this reason, it is capable of performing some 40,000 transactions on a daily basis.

Dogecoin became very popular beginning in 2014 and one of its most important functions is used to make donations to NGOs and other non-profit organizations.

Currently, its market value round the 0.00015 per unit $.

7 Ethereum

Speaking of Ethereum we are referring to the program that governs the system of a certain type of cryptocurrency. But the virtual currency in question is known as Ether.

This system, initially, jumped into the market as an update of the primitive Bitcoin.

Including many improvements in this first system programming, mainly in terms of programming language, which already had certain limitations.

Through Ethereum, a large number of transactions can be performed and until they have come to create alternative applications to further improve the system at present.

Today, the maximum number of Ether can be issued per year cannot exceed 18 million.

8 Dash

The final type of cryptocurrency which we will talk about is the Dash. Is one of the most recent systems that has undergone many changes in recent years.

It is the most free criptomonedas that exist nowadays, all transactions that are made with them are public and furthermore are in a completely separate context.

Being a completely decentralized system, Dash is always in continuous transformation, creating updates periodically to offer renewed and innovative services to the users.

The value of the Dash currently is usually between the 20 and 23 dollars, although at the beginning of 2017, reached this threshold, reaching nearly 24 dollars per unit.

The biggest difference that Dash has with respect to other systems, is to invest with this cryptocurrency and be part of the system, should add a minimum of 1,000 Dash.


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