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What types of insurance?


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Nobody is except suffer an accident or event, incidents, able to change any situation may occur at any time. But the consequences of these are what further impact tends to have, since they can be harmful to both health and well-being, and material goods.

In either of these cases, this has an important influence in the economy, so it is vital to be prepared and have the best means, allowing to repair the damage, regarding the best answer is to have insurance.

However, there are many types of insurance, even they are usually classified in various ways and in each category you can always find other subdivisions, it is important to know these types to make the best decision when it comes to hiring one, the choice should to respond to the particular needs. In this sense, the most common insurance types are:

Insurance of persons

These are intended to cover all risks affecting a person's existence, as well as their health and their physical integrity in general. Insurance of people include:

Life insurance: this aims to cover the risk of death, in this case the insurer makes payment of the sum insured to the respective beneficiaries.

Accident insurance: this focuses on the injury from sudden situations, which involve both the temporary disability and permanent disability and death.

Insurance: in this case the risk that ensures is the disease, so it focuses on payment of some specific amounts, as well as the costs of medical care and the costs in terms of pharmaceutical, if the insured becomes sick.

Insurance against damages

This type of insurance covers the effects of claims, that alter economic way movable and immovable property, including motor vehicles insurance tend to be the most common.


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