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What are the major banks of Spain?


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Having a bank is key to any person or company, at the same time in Spain, there are a huge number of banks, which offer different financial services and some specialize in certain groups of them in particular.

Now, while there are a huge number of banks in Spain, there are some that are the most prominent, this can be seen in features as the 60% control exerted within the economic market of the country. In short, they have one of the largest groups of customers, wide network of branches and ATMs, and of course, an international presence in growth.

These banks are:

● Banco Santander: this is one of the most creditworthy and represents a really prestigious financial brand internationally. You have huge assets, even in the year 2017 acquired Banco Popular to avoid its bankruptcy, with this was able to expand or have more presence in the country.

● BBVA (Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria): this Bank of Spanish origin has a long history which has more than 150 years. Notable for his career with regards to financial services which are oriented to private individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as to institutions and corporations. It is one of the entities with greater recognition and last year took second place in the ranking of assets.

● CaixaBank: this catalan Bank was known as La Caixa and has experienced outstanding growth, thanks to several entities were integrated, being these Bankpime, Caixa Girona, Banco de Valencia and Banca Civica. It should be noted, has a remarkable performance in the sector of insurance and investment products.

In short, these are the three largest banks in Spain, it is ideal to go to their services and enjoy various benefits, add to their huge list of customers is a good decision.


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