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The most interesting and unknown aspects of Madrid


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Traveling is one of the most enjoyable and satisfying activities in the world, because it allows to know completely different places, impressive and magical, even discovering details with the power to leave us astonished, each place keeps surprises really Special, Madrid is one of these places.

In addition to being a city with an interesting history, beautiful architecture in each of its buildings and squares, the Spanish capital keeps surprising curiosities. To begin with, it is the highest capital in all of Europe, as it is located at 650 meters from the sea level. In short, it houses the oldest restaurant in the world, even has the prize in the Guinness book and this is the nephew of Loot restaurant founded in the year 1725.

Also keeps interesting legends, one of them is starring a goblin in Retiro Park, it all began when in the eighteenth century, workers claimed that the beauty of the place was the work of a goblin who was dedicated to changing the flowers, providing Always a different view on every walk.

Later, when the park became public, couples visited him and said who saw the goblin would be blissful in love. At present the park possesses a sculpture of a goblin realized by Jose Noja in 1985.

As if it were not enough, in the same park there is another amazing sculpture that represents Satan and was made by Ricardo Bellver, his name is the memorial of the fallen angel, but perhaps what makes it even stranger is that it is just 666 meters from the sea level.

Similarly, in the rest of the city you can also see 11 sculptures made of bronze and represent different characters, but the most peculiar is that they all belong to different artists but have the same appearance or characteristics.

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