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How profitable is an MBA program


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One of the great doubts that arise when we are thinking about studying an MBA is in the profitability that offers the same, it is important that we take into account that many of these studies are expensive and that we must invest a certain amount of money, hoping to see the Results in the future. These results can be from obtaining a higher position in the company in which we work, to have a higher salary, to be able to opt for higher quality jobs in some company in which we have always wanted to work, as well as can be opting for a pue Working in another country.

Profitability of an MBA

To a large extent, the profitability of the MBA initiative depends on the general framework in which this possibility is raised.

If the MBA payment is inserted into a comprehensive development and training policy that applies to those who have demonstrated good performance and potential, and is subsequently accompanied by assignment of new roles and responsibilities, the answer is Affirmative.

On the contrary, if the organization lacks a comprehensive development plan or if the MBA payment simply consists of a defensive retention strategy to prevent good talents from leaving the company, then it is unlikely to be profitable.

In many countries the reality is as varied as profiles of companies there. In many cases, while corporations are posing ambitious policies in this area, for various reasons, the level of implementation ends up being tenuous or intermittent.

In small and medium-sized enterprises, this action is more sporadic and cyclical. Investment in employee training often accompanies the increase and fall cycles of economic activity, without there being, in general, a consistent policy over time.

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