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Definition of insurance companies


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The insurance companies are companies dedicated to the sale of insurance policies, usually provide their services to institutions or individuals; One of its main functions is to offer protection against contingencies that may represent a significant monetary loss for the insured. Insurance companies tend to sell different services, among them we can see an important division: the general Insurances, which are in charge of protecting a real property; and life insurance, which safeguards an intangible good.

In order to have the protection the insured or Contracting party must pay an amount called premium, it is usually established jointly by the Contracting Party and the insurer, also tends to contemplate the value of the good that is being secured. The premium may be of more or less quantity depending on the totality that one wants to assure of the good, likewise, it is calculated in conjunction with the deductible, since the more expensive the deductible, the lower the cost will have the premium, and vice versa.

The activity of insurance companies is important because it protects against insurable economic risks. An insurance company may differ from another in terms of the services it offers and the costs it charges for these.

The insurance companies work as follows: By means of the contributions of the contractors it is possible to cover the claims that are presented, the fact that an insurance company does not have to face all the claims at the same time , is what keeps the business. Insurers have well calculated the risk of an accident, so they always have the solvency to respond to the expense of a casualty.

Some of the services that can be found in an insurance company are: auto insurance, medical expenses insurance, educational insurance, business insurance, life insurance and housing insurance.

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