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Insurance for industrial companies


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When we consider that we must develop business efficiently, efficiently and productively we do so with a vision of progress, responsibly, using innovative proactive strategies capable of adapting to the actual needs both present As a future, all risks or risk factors, both financially, legal, technical, social and human, should be analysed.
The criteria for risk analysis are based on the experience and standards of each activity, are professionals that determine, identify, quantify and evaluate the risks as well as recommend prevention and loss control measures to our Insured.
This is the vision of the Argentine company Alianz who has agencies in more than 70 countries, more than 85 million customers worldwide, more than 125 years of experience

Types of Industrial Insurance

Property Insurance
All Operational Risk Insurance
Fire Insurance
Cargo, sea, air and land insurance.

Technical Insurance
Construction and Assembly Insurance
Electronic equipment insurance and data processing
Machinery Breakage Insurance
Civil Liability Insurance
Precautionary Insurance
Personal Accident Insurance
Collective Life Insurance

Property Insurance

All Operational Risk Insurance
This type of insurance covers TDOs the risks of loss or physical damage occurring to the property of the insured, provided that such damages happen accidentally, suddenly and unexpectedly and the repair and/or replacement is required as a direct consequence of Any of the risks covered by this coverage.

Fire Insurance
Basic fire coverage includes material damage caused to the goods subject to the insurance by the direct or indirect action of the fire, Royo or explosion.

Sea, air and land cargo transport insurance
This type of insurance can be taken to cover a trip or take a policy that covers all travel import as export

Total loss
Against all Risk
War and strike
Free particular breakdown
With particular breakdown by sea water and/or non-terrestrial transit.
Travel policy: It is referred to cover one or more individual trips with a statement before the start of these.
Volume policy: Protects imports and exports and travel within the Argentine territory.
Annual policy with a given vehicle: insurance is granted to the insured who transport their merchandise in their own vehicles.

Technical Insurance
Construction and Assembly Insurance
This type of insurance is destined to protect in an integral way, the risks to which the goods, the investments and the different interests of the owners and partners, contractors of a work or assembly are exposed.

All-risk main coverage
Earthquake damage, volcanic eruption, tsunami, cyclone, hurricane, winds.
Damage caused by the contractor
Civil liability for bodily injury, including death
Liability of the insured for material damage caused to third party goods

Electronic equipment and data processing insurance
Electronic equipment is covered in general including data processing, hardware.

Basic coverage against any risk of accidental external cause damage including theft, property damage due to power failures.

Special coverage air conditioning equipment associated with data processing facilities.

Equipment of contractors covers all the equipment and machineries that are used for the construction of a civil work. Completed civil works.

Basic coverage includes all accidental loss or damage including theft or fire.

Personal Accident Insurance

Accidental death
Total or partial disability
Reimbursement of medical and pharmaceutical expenses

Checking everything read about this type of insurance, if you are a merchant that requires a transport and you are linked to a responsibility to always bring a load, it is advisable to purchase this type of insurance to prevent any unwanted accident.

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