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Compulsory insurance in companies


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When we set up a company or business requires to develop an investment plan and financing that allows us to know what we need and how much it will cost, within those items of expenditure we find a very significant that should have any Company, we refer specifically to the insurance, compulsory insurance that are enforceable by the law itself in function of safeguarding the legal certainty and stability of the commercial traffic.These insurances have an important cost and are fundamentally dependent on three factors to assess their economic impact. Activity Sector and type of insurance coverage, Volume of Business, Number of workers, Possession of vehicles or other assets to be secured.

What are the compulsory insurance companies?
Civil Liability Insurance
Workers Insurance
Insurance of the vehicles owned by the company

Civil Liability Insurance
It is one of the most advisable insurance to hire because having it means that you can face some kind of event that occurred in the company, for example, if in the development of your economic activity is committed some kind of error due to negligence or damage of importance , the economic cost of repairing that damage is covered by the liability insurance policy and it may be the case that you do not have insurance repair costs you have to assume and if they are very high you may be ruined and the company bankruptcy for not having of this coverage.

Civil liability insurance is used to meet legal lawsuits, covers both court representation expenses or courts, you can also pay injured third party medical expenses in the business premises, the insurance will respond to the Civil damages that we provoke with our company in the course of a working day, in the development of the commercial and professional activity.

Workers ' Insurance
It is a personal insurance and the beneficiaries are attached to a payroll where the employer is the one who contracts the policy, the cost of the premium will be linked to the economic compensation to the workers, the activity that the company plays because the amount varies and the Coverage according to the sector and the activity.
It is necessary to ensure the obligations that the collective agreement has the workers so that in case of an event is the insurance company who runs with the expenses, within the policy are the accidents work, occurred within the company that could cause Total or partial disability, or the death of the worker, may also cover burial expenses, hospitalization expenses.

Insurance of the vehicles owned by the company
When it comes to company-owned vehicle and used for business-specific activities, you need insurance to protect that or those assets from any damage they may cause to third parties.

There are other types of insurance that are not compulsory but can be convenient for your business or businesses either a commercial premises or an office in most cases it is advisable to hire a multirisk insurance for the place where the company is located , to cover the damage that we may suffer in the premises or that we can produce to the neighbors, tends to be cheaper than to face the expense if it happens.

It is very important to study the different offers that insurance companies present to us and choose the one that best suits our needs, remember to buy insurance or several for your company, is an investment and you provide security and tranquility for you At any event.

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