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Liberty Insurance is in possession of the market in Colombia


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Liberty Seguros is a Spanish insurance company created in 2001, belonging to Liberty Mutual is headquartered in Boston, USA, is the third group of goods and Services Insurance of the United States. Luis Francisco Campos is the president of Liberty Seguros in Colombia, he is optimistic about the insurance market, since the company offers attractive packages and they have a good service with technologies that allow the access to the consumers. The Colombian economy in the insurance market is only 2.7% of GDP, this allows us to grow, opportunities are good is a very attractive market, the goal is to pay well the claim that means paying the right. There is a great diversity in the insurance market but you as an entrepreneur should know how to choose the one that gives greater security to the policy you acquire, so for example I appoint some insurance companies established in Colombia that have a good prestige: Solidarity Insurance Company of Colombia, Equity, Axa, Colpatria, Sura, Mapfre in short, then the decision to acquire an insurance policy ultimately you have it, for example the price of protection of a property will depend on several aspects as the value Insurable, the location of the structure, year of construction, use, acceptance of risks of the insurers and fundamentally your protection needs, which depends on the activity and the need of each businessman.

In the same way, the entrepreneurs can opt for a collective accident insurance with travel assistance, what is sought is to ensure the welfare and health of those entrepreneurs or partners who as part of their business responsibilities make trips within the national territory or outward.

On the other hand, as the companies are not exempt from their partners being able to suffer collateral damage because of decisions taken by the senior management, they must acquire a policy of directors and administrators which seeks to cover the third party's patrimony of the damages That can be caused, derived from reckless conduct, this type of insurance only covers the negligent actions actions of directors and administrators, never intentional.

Now there are certain that because of their characteristics are obligatory besides that they represent a significant expenditure; They are important because they give security to our heritage and depend on several to evaluate their economic tax:

Sector of activity and type of insurance coverage
Volume of Business
Number of workers
Possession of vehicles or other assets to be secured

So, as these we have compulsory insurance that we must have as a company:

Civil Liability Insurance
Workers ' insurance according to the collective agreement
Insurance of the vehicles owned by the company

In the case, we have those that are not obligatory but it is important that the policy covers them are: employer Civil responsibility that includes the damages that can derive from the relation of the company with its workers.

Liability of the product, has to do with the damage that the product obtained and delivered to the recipient can cause.

Civil responsibility of exploitation, those that the company must face as a direct consequence of the business development.

The desirability of taking other types of insurance other than these will depend on the assessment of the risk and the impact it may have on the company's activity. All these services are offered by Liberty Insurance, which does not mean, without belittling, that the other insurance companies that are established in Colombia and present this type of packages are not good, simply Liberty is the best, but that is not the Case, we wanted to extend this company due to its trajectory and responsibility in the world market.


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