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Disability and Survival Insurance


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Life insurance has a peculiarity, that in these types of insurance the payment of compensation is not related to the value of the damage caused by the occurrence of an accident because the person is not economically assessed, does not constitute an indemnity contract Itself. Invalidity and survival insurance is a protection that must be contracted by companies that have under their payroll 10 or more workers, to the State institutions that under the figure of the collective hiring gives this benefit to their employees and Workers, which is financed by the employer or employers, if you are a dependent worker or yourself in case you want to enjoy this type of insurance independently you can purchase it. The purpose of the insurance is to pay pension in case of invalidity or death of the affiliate.

Characteristics of invalidity and survival insurance.

It gives protection to the insured and the family group, in case you get a disability or death qualification from the affiliate.

The invalidity and survival insurance policy is paid by the employer either from the public or private administration to the person who works it.

In the case that you work independently the amount of the policy must be cancelled by you.

Invalidity and survival insurance corresponds to an aliquot or percentage of your taxable remuneration.

Invalidity and survival insurance requirements.
To be a beneficiary of the SIS, the requirements vary according to the situation in which you are at the time of submitting the application.

Sine Qua Non condition, you must be quoting at the time of the invalidity statement or the date of the death of the affiliate. For the case of active dependents.

In the event that they are unemployed members and you find yourself dismissed at the time of submitting the application for Invalides or the death, you keep the right to invalidity and survival insurance, provided that the invalidity or death has occurred to more It takes one year after the last quotation, having been quoted at least for six months in the year preceding the first month of severance.

For independent affiliates and volunteers it is required to register quotes a month prior to the death of the affiliate, or the declaration of invalidity.
Invalidity and survival insurance modalities.

of deferred Capital.
of immediate deferred rent annuity
of capitalization

Of deferred Capital. The insurance Company undertakes to deliver the amount insured at the expiration of the agreed term in the contract if the insured lives on that date.
of immediate life annuity. The insurance company in exchange for a single premium, guarantees the immediate payment of a rent to one or several people until the death of the insured.
of deferred income. The insurance undertaking undertakes, at the end of the delay period to pay the insured, while living, a constant and periodic income.
of capitalization. The insurance undertaking undertakes to pay the insured a capital at the expiration of the contract, in exchange for the obligation of the Contracting Party or insured to make the payment of periodic bonuses to the insurance company during the term of the contract.

Disability and survival insurance benefits.

The benefits of invalidity and survival insurance are:

The spouse or concubine will be responsible, if it is alone between 40 and 45%, if he has beneficiary children between 35 and 40% of the average of the member's remuneration in the last 48 months, ie 4 years.

Healthy children under the age of 18 between 14 and 18% of the average of the affiliate's remuneration of the last 48 months.

Parents older than 60 years who are economically dependent on the beneficiary between 14 and 18% each of the Affiliate's average remuneration of the last 48 months.

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