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Import and export insurance for a company


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At the moment when we consider establishing an import and export company we must not only know the comparative and competitive advantages that exist in the market, but also analyze the risks that exist in this activity when it comes to Operation of this type, so we recommend that you analyze and study carefully the different types of insurance that are available and that have a close relationship with international trade, because what you want is to minimize the risk, eliminating the Uncertainty. The company that is engaged in international trade has to alleviate situations of risk and the solution is in the hiring of insurance for foreign trade.

Some foreign trade risks that we must know are:
Commercial risks
Risks of change
Country risk
Transportation risks
Extraordinary risks

To overcome these risks we must be clear that we must acquire the types of insurance that adapt to foreign trade, so we have 3 types of insurance:

Merchandise Transportation Insurance
Liability Insurance
Bond Insurance

Merchandise Transportation Insurance. It is a insurance where you will be provided coverage for any damage or missing that can suffer the load throughout their transportation, for it is important to ensure with a company of very good reputation since before a sinister is at stake nothing more than Our heritage and in most cases our labor stability, then we recommend an insurer that is solvent and experienced in foreign trade.

Liability insurance.
It is an insurance that aims to protect the figure of the foreign trade actor and offer strength to its customers, ie, to transmit peace of mind during the process of import and export, generate confidence, generate security that before a Misapplication, carelessness or any other damage the insurance is likely to compensate for damage.

Bond insurance.
This insurance in which the company guarantees the insured in time and form of obligations by the importer/exporter, is intended to cover the bonds required by the Customs Directorate, to ensure the timely perception of the taxes. This type of insurance is very important for your company because it allows you the concretion of important businesses. Coverings for works, supplies and/or services of supply maintenance, terrestrial transit.

The insurer is the insurance company, which issues the surety insurance policy in favor of the insured, the insurer must be authorized by the Superintendency of insurance of the nation and registered in the "Register of insurance companies of operations surety Customs "which carries the Customs directorate.

The policyholder is the natural or legal person obliged to present to the Directorate General of Customs a guarantee that ensures the fulfillment of his obligations, he can be the owner of the merchandise or the person to whom it is consigned.

Currently there is an increasing trend of entrepreneurs who want to engage in foreign trade activity, for which you have to see what type of product or service is going to be offered, because this will be the requirements demanded , we must be clear about our strength in order to compete on an equal footing, because within the international market the movements that have goods and services through the different countries and their markets make that and both companies and Countries involved obtain foreign exchange and in the process the goods must be protected or protected by insurance so that we have guarantees that before any event that has occurred these are protected and do not affect our assets.

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