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Medical insurance.


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Usually when you come up with medical expenses for health services in your own pocket, which are highly costly, unless you have a good financial slack that allows you to pay expenses, however create a financial imbalance, is for This is recommended that the most appropriate time to acquire medical insurance is before an accident occurs, you suffer a serious illness or your wife gets pregnant.
In this sense if there is the possibility of accessing a collective health insurance, through work, it is advisable to look for a particular medical insurance policy known as Individual health insurance policy These are clinically insured to consider your Personal medical history, profession, age and gender. However, any "pre-existing" condition such as heart disease, diabetes may result in non-acceptance or increased insurance premiums.

Health insurance is insurance that covers the injury or disability that affects the personal integrity or health of the insured, caused by accident or illness, cover hospital expenses, medical care, surgical interventions, food, Drugs, clinical analysis, X-rays, anyway.
For each insurance plan there is a specific coverage, it is important that you review the policy content and verify that the coverage of the plan you contract meets your needs.

Most common health insurance benefits.
Medical fees
Laboratory and X-rays
Operations and anesthesia Service Intensive therapy
Emergency Transportation Service
Room and food
Extra bed for a companion general nursing services
Therapies outside the clinic as an outpatient

Other benefits

A daily pension in case of temporary incapacity during the days when the insured remains inactive because of the accident.

A sum of money in case of permanent and total disability caused by the accident.

A sum of money that your legal heirs may receive.
Medical expenses insurance clauses.

Amount of the sum insured, by event, by period or by the life of the insured.

Extreme sports such as motoring, paragliding, bullfighting, skydiving are excluded from these policies, if included must be paid an extra premium.

You must have the coverage of serious illnesses.

If you change your insurance, verify that you are backed by seniority.

That covers cosmetic surgery, dental and ophthalmological expenses required because of an accident or illness that is covered.

Medical Expenses Insurance Payment methods

The way in which the insurer can indemnify are:

Direct payment, in which the insured only pays the deductible and the insurer pays directly to the doctor or to the clinic.

Reimbursement, in which the insured pays the doctor or clinic when submitting the invoices, this pays the insured expenses that have exceeded the deductible amounts.

Deadlines for the payment of your health insurance policy.

According to the law you have 30 days to make the payment of your policy, as well as to make any clarification on the content of it, after that period if you have not made the payment of insurance the insurance company may cancel your policy and you qued A without protection.
The term types are usually annual, half-yearly, quarterly, or monthly.
If you want to renew your policy will have 30 days from the expiration of the same, it is important to inform the insurance agent your desire to renew it, you must contact them to make a budget based on the insurance you need, with these diligence You will be able to choose the insurance plan that best suits your budget and needs.


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