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Life insurance


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Many people take life insurance for different reasons: some take it so that their family or beneficiaries are not economically helpless and can maintain their lifestyle, others to pay mortuary expenses and outstanding debts and others to meet The requirements to obtain a commercial credit. When you want to buy life insurance, a life insurance policy, the insurance company will evaluate your risk factors according to the information you provide to the company, this will evaluate whether or not to proceed with the sale of the policy, as it is required to fill a C Uestionario and the person must give reliable information, these types of policies have a probationary period of two years, in the event that the person dies within that period the company is in the right to investigate the cause of death and verify the information that is gave on the request.

In the alleged denial that the company will discover that the information provided is incorrect to the withholding of information, it can and is in the right not to recognize the payment of the benefit by cause of death. If the company denies the payment must reintegrate the premiums that you pay in the policy, it is also usual that the company in the first two years does not pay the benefit because of death if this is suicide and at the same time return the amount paid up to that time by the Beneficiari Or.

In this sense, after two years of life policy has elapsed, the company is obligated to pay the beneficiary (s) regardless of the cause of the death, the only exception is if you do not pay your insurance premiums.

Life insurance Modalities.

There are two modalities within life insurance, those covering in case of death and those that do so in case of life, the Union of both arises the joint insurance.

Death-case insurance, also called life-risk insurance.

Insurance in case of life, called Life savings Insurance.

Types of life insurance.
The choice between savings or life insurance will depend on the insured's purpose for your policy.

Life insurance risk.
It is that insurance that the beneficiary of the policy receives the amount stipulated in the same when the insured die, this type of policy we can contract in two modalities: of whole life and temporal.

Whole life insurance.

This type of insurance consists of the payment of designated capital in the policy just after the insured's death regardless of where this is held.

Temporary life insurance.

This type of insurance covers the risk of death for a specified period of time and stipulated in the policy.
This type of insurance is the one used for the amortization of loans, for example the insured dies and had pending a mortgage, the insurance covers the slopes.
At the time of the expiration of the contract the obligation of the insurer comes to an end and the insurer does not have to reinstate anything, does not make any disbursement to the beneficiary if the death does not occur during the period of validity of the contract.

Life Savings Insurance

Also called in case of life and with its hiring the beneficiary who in this case is the insured itself, will receive the amount of the capital when it arrives the date of expiration of the policy, ie the policyholder of the policy pays some bonuses that grant to the insured Profitability, it's an investment.

Finally we recommend some tips when choosing a company to have your life insurance

Review different quotes from several companies.

Know their trajectory and positioning in the market.

No private information or contract by phone any type of insurance.

Do not sign anything without first reading the content.


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