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Full risk vehicle insurance


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Usually when we consider the need to change vehicles and acquire a new one out of package from the agency we ask what kind of insurance should we choose for our new car The answer should be an insurance covering any event or Unforeseen that solvent and solve problems to third parties and that also solves ours, ie that the insurance recognizes and replace any damage to both cars, or only to ours if the damage was against a fixed object, ditch, in short later I will explain to you that so Ample are the coverages when you have an all-risk insurance.

When acquiring a full-risk insurance you must take into account the value of the vehicle since the high costs of the cars nowadays makes the insurances to be high, there is a proportionality in the value of the insurance and the value of the car, a car in very good state although it is not D E package and do not have more than six years can acquire this type of insurance, the object, the main reason for the insurance is to protect us from significant damage to the vehicle that transforms our budget and get the maximum amount of coverages to protect against Any accident, is a good investment must read the policy contract very well, know widely coverage makes it feasible to maximize their benefits.

In all-risk insurance you can differentiate two types: franchised and without franchise, the insured must assume part of the costs of repairing the vehicle in the event of an accident, but in return the value of the policy is cheaper , that a non-franchised insurance where the insurance company assumes the total costs.

Most important coverage of a full-risk insurance.

Enlarged civil liability: the amount of liability of the insured can be extended to a higher limit, covers the civil liability for damages caused to third parties by trailers or caravans, as well as the objects transported.

Vehicle damage: Damage caused by an accident is covered by the policy, even if the insured is the culprit, provided it is not negligent or driving in a state of embriagues or participating in illegal vehicle races.

Driver's insurance: In case of an accident where the driver or holder of the policy dies the insurance company compensates it according to the amount established in the policy, in case of permanent disability, medical assistance also proceeds compensation.

Legal DEFENSE: All expenses incurred by the legal defense and claim of damages caused by the driver or his occupants shall be recognised in accordance with the amount stipulated in the policy.

Windshield and tarp breaks.

Vehicle fire: Total or partial damages caused by a fire are covered by the policy.

Theft of the vehicle: the All-risk insurance covers both the abduction of some parts of the vehicle and the total theft.

The insurance undertaking shall recognise the damage caused by certain natural disasters, terrorist acts, demonstrations.

For all the foregoing have an all-risk insurance is an investment because it means knowing that the money invested in acquiring the vehicle is protected in whole or in part taking into account the annual inflation rates, that is why it is Very good option to take the insurance to all risk when deciding the insurance, so we can be calm because at the time of an eventual accident the insurance company will answer for all the damages caused.


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