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Extended or combined vehicle insurance to third parties


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The moment you go to choose an insurance policy for your vehicle it is important that you know that there is a range of packages and alternatives that you have in the insurance market to choose according to your economic possibilities which is the one that fits your CA. Payment and the opportunities they offer to pay for them. Some insurers give you financing, increasing the value for the costs involved in acquiring them on credit, however, is an alternative for your policy not only takes damage to things and damages to people who are most used for the cost, but it is important To know at present has increased the demand by the drivers in having a policy that covers other events that can cause in a sinister or accident is as well as the insurers have brought to the market the insurance policy to third (combined).

The insurance policy to third parties in addition to obtaining the SRC policy includes in this type of policies assistance for theft, fire or for damages of the vehicle, is to note that you can choose independently or in package form, example the coverage of the total breakage or Partial of tarps or windshields, fire insurance or repair of damages that are the most common that drivers acquire but there are also other services and assistance that are contemplated in the insurance policy to third parties enlarged so that they are not very Frequent at the time of choosing the package as they are: the civil liability of the minor son driving without a license, that of the civil responsibility taker and driver, the defense in traffic fines.

In this order of ideas the insurers when submitting their offers require some requirements that we must meet and have them very present when demanding compensation for this or that concept, as for the insurance for theft it must be clear that the insurer performs a Clear differentiation between robbery and theft, the robbery is when they force and damage the capper or the cool of the bonnet to subtract some object from its interior using force or part the glass, or most frequently when they remove the vehicle, instead is considered theft when They subtract something from the inside of the vehicle but without breaking or forcing any part of the vehicle, usually the insurance companies pay the total value of the stolen goods except for the tires that only charge a part because they are subject to Continuous use and wear.

The theft of the vehicle is considered as a total casualty and according to the stated value in the market of the vehicle what you did previously with the insurance company without taking into account the inflation rates that exist at that time, you have to make the complaint Formal before the competent authorities and they do the work to recover the good and not get it the experts from the company emanate a report giving it for total loss and proceed to demand payment, but also be aware that this procedure should be made of Immediately so that payment can proceed, in the case of the robbery if it has acted negligently or that it has stolen a family member, accomplices or employees of them the insurance company will not recognize the indemnification.

In relation to the fire insurance, the insurance company will be in charge of the compensation provided that the claim has not been caused by a third party, and the experts are the ones who will determine if it is a partial fire or total loss of the car.


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