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Civil Liability Insurance


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We must know that civil liability is the obligation of a natural or legal person to compensate the damage caused without intent to others, to harm a good or a person. However, under the previous definition of liability insurance, we are covering damages to third parties, at no time does it cover the damage to your car, this policy covers all material damages to things owned by third parties and bodily injury or damage to People as a result of a traffic accident. There are clear policies at the global level the use of liability insurance compulsory to circulate in the national territory and is a way to prevent the moment you happen a traffic accident to solve all or part of the damage Caused.

That's why many drivers or car owners think that having the liability insurance have been fixed or comply with the norm, in a way yes, if we see in perspective to solve a problem to third you stay with the problem of your vehicle q EU you must run with all expenses because the policy does not include your vehicle, also if you want you can include other optional coverages if you want and are willing to pay more the value of the insurance policy of liability as they are: excess limit , criminal defense, personal injury.

Criminal Defense: It covers the expenses of your defense if you need the assistance of a lawyer, and the expenses of representation to manage the release of the driver in case they had been injured and the delivery of the vehicle which is usually retained.

Excess limits: Protects the insured over-limits established in the policy, that is, protects or covers the surplus of the amounts covered by the policy of damages to things and people.

Personal injury: As a result of a traffic accident where there are injured, it covers invalidity, medical expenses, death, burial for the occupants of the vehicle. Every driver and owner of a vehicle only for the fact of driving must have knowledge that the vehicle is covered by an insurance policy if you do not have it runs with the responsibility that in the event of an accident or accidental occurs in general terms It was reckless, unskilled and loses the shock or accident is going to be in the obligation to cover all expenses caused to the good and/or the people of the other vehicle involved in the accident, that is why it is suggested and recommended that at least buy a Liability Insurance Even if you do not have other optional coverages because you get more expensive, higher cost and think that is not necessary because they are covering with the SRC the elemental as they are: damage to things and damage to people.

So if you do not have a RCV policy you can be punished, it is important to note that the value of the damage is usually greater than the amount you are going to pay for the policy, you have to be cautious and comply with the rules and that makes you a person Responsab You since we may cause damage to third parties, whether by action, omission or negligence, the damage may cause criminal consequences, when action, omission or negligence is criminalized, civil consequences when it is understood that not being a crime, It is necessary to repair or replace the situation before the damage or both.

In conclusion, we cannot and must not drive a vehicle without at least the CRS which is the lowest-cost policy on the market, nor allow our minor children to drive, as they are the parents or representatives responsible for the damage caused by PO R these.


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