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Home insurance and coverage


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When the head of the family meets with all its members and gives them the need to acquire home insurance taking into account several aspects such as: high crime rate near the housing area, the value of housing and its property , it is necessary to make a study of the alternatives offered by an insurer to acquire the policy that best meets your needs, undoubtedly this head of the family is definitely looking to protect their properties, sure what you have in your home is valuable both Economically and affectively, and it is necessary for them to be insured. When we talk about the need to feel security we refer to the duty to be prevented from the occurrence of an event where crime and take as theirs the product of the work of many years, hence the need to acquire a policy of SEG Home Uro. It is therefore advisable to familiarize ourselves with some terms commonly used in a home policy, two great concepts are handled: Continent and content.

Continent: It refers to the value of the building or its structure (except the ground) how expensive it would be to rebuild it if there was a total destruction caused by a flood, fire, earthquake.

Content: That's all we consider of value under that roof and consider and want to protect. It is to be noted that if there are jewels and works of art you have to pay an expert to make the certifications of authenticity and appraisal of the goods and thus have that information when hiring your insurance.

Types of policies.
Most insurers generally offer:
Damage Policy
Multirisk Policy
Loan Amortization Policy

Damage policy. It is the basic policy, includes the coverage of the structure of your home, what we know as a continent of the house, in case your home suffered an accident and this caused its destruction will be the insurer responsible for dealing with the debt to the amount stipulated in the policy, if more money is required for reconstruction, the policyholder will take care of it.

Multirisk policy. Normally these types of policies cover what is called the content (property and objects that the house has), in most cases the insurers include the civil liability to third parties as basic coverage, it is to note that the Multirisk policy is You can hire independently for example by choosing only content coverage.

Loan Amortization policy. It is known as life insurance, this policy includes in addition to home insurance, death coverage, permanent or absolute disability caused by an accident. When your bank gives you a mortgage, it is usually not compulsory to hire this type of policy, but if you have the economic capacity you can avoid unexpected mishaps having for you and your family at any time.

It is good to understand when hiring your home policy that you must adapt your services and coverage to your needs and your home, as the number of services increases the price of the policy will vary.

The only thing that does not enter the coverage of home insurance are cars, trailers, trailers, pleasure boats, jet skis, but some insurance companies include theft of laptops, cameras and camcorders, even if not They're inside the home.


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