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CIVIL Liability for work practices


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The large companies and corporations within their organization have a legal department and/or a handbook of standards and procedures explaining the policies and procedures on which the elaboration of a contract is based, what are the penalties that They apply for having breached a standard and when it applies the dismissal of an employee, but small and medium-sized enterprises or new ones tend to be the most vulnerable to Labor claims and lack a legal department. The civil liability insurance for labor practices is designed to protect the company, its managers and employees from the possible claims for incorrect work practices and allows to have a wide protection for their companies. We must understand that labour disputes are costly in time, a decrease in the lost production of items by not complying with orders on time, in short, is nothing good a situation of conflict, however having this liability insurance For labor practices offers coverage for employers against claims of employees in which this alleged: unjustified dismissal, harassment, buling, discrimination either by sex, color, race, age, religion, disability, hostile working environment.

You have to have psychology and good sense of smell to make the decision to incorporate a new employee to the payroll, because there is even the risk of receiving a job claim from the moment you interview an employee or a prospective employee, you can give the case that you hire s and then you fire him due to his absenteeism, this employee may file a claim for unjustified dismissal, then it is necessary to reduce the risks and others, we must do the following.

To have a handbook of standards and procedures for employees detailing the company's labor policies and procedures, this includes assistance, discipline and grievances.

Create an evaluation and hiring program so that there is a filter that can be ruled out that might be inappropriate.

Periodic reviews of employee performance must be made and the results recorded in each of the records.

Write a job description for each post, where capacity and performance expectations are defined.

Analyze the possible risks of loss with your insurance agent and acquire liability insurance on appropriate employment practices.

Have an "open door" policy in which employees can report violations without fear of reprisals.

Civil Liability insurance coverage for labor practices.

Coverage is usually issued depending on the claims presented. It means that the incident that gave rise to the claim had to occur during the coverage period.

The cost of coverage will depend on the number of people you employ, whether there were previous lawsuits filed against the company, the percentage of staff turnover, and the existence of rules and standards implemented.

The insurer will legally pay any loss that the insured is obligated to pay as a result of a claim filed against the insured for an infringement of labor practices.

In this sense the coverage is wide and allows companies, regardless of the size of this, to have this type of insurance because they are always exposed to claims for unjustified labor actions, including within their coverage to the spouse or permanent partner, Cost of defense and legal expenses, coverage for punitive damages, coverage for discrimination. It also has advantages in acquiring the policy to protect both the company, its employees, spouses and executives against lawsuits arising from Labor relations, at the time of lawsuits and labor disputes before this notorious fact have been created offices Professionals specializing in labor issues, employee conflicts are costly in time and money and damage the company's image to society, the mood of employees and the recruitment of new employees.

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