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7 things that usually cover home insurance


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There are many people who do not know what exactly is covered by home insurance. Of course, if we are thinking of hiring a home insurance policy, we encourage you to do so, because every day, our home is prone to more incidents than we think, so we are not exempt from any adversity that may occur, consequently , faced with any situation arisen, it makes us uphill to replenish, repair the damages, therefore, it is never of more to take the forecasts so that our real estate as also movable property, ie, the house and its contents, what is inside of it, what That constitutes our heritage is protected and we can count on the support of a good home insurance. The home insurance policy may present some variations between one company and another, but it is essential that you report and read carefully each clause of it, this in order to acquire the most suited to your needs, also to avoid Surprises for the future or that when any event occurs, cover expenses that should cancel the insurance company, instead of taking the best advantage of obviously having coverage for that type of accident, makes the premium raise its value.

Here are some examples of situations that usually cover home insurance policies and sometimes we don't know for not reading the insurance policy carefully.

Theft in the street or in the house: it can cover theft outside the house, if the stolen thing was part of the contents of the home and there were violent acts, and/or intimidating threats, more does not apply to cases of theft, or for loss of negligence or carelessness , in which the misappropriation of the good occurs without warrantsing the application of force on things or violence in people. So for example, it is not the same to lose a jewel, because you leave it on the Dishwasher Inn, the day of the party, in this case we refer to loss or because they violate the safe, here applies the concept of robbery or because it leaves it in the decorative jeweler , on the comber and disappears from there, in the latter case who subtracts it, hurta it.

In any case, it is essential to read the policy carefully paying special attention to the table of coverages, because the coverage or not of the accident will depend on insurance that contracts, because it is the case of insurance that does not cover cases of robbery, when the housing has been uninhabited For eight continuous days and/or when certain belongings are not protected in the safe. It should also be considered that they have certain limits of value for the coverage for cases of money theft, jewellery or artistic paintings that have a high economic value.

Damages to third parties: guarantees coverage in matters of civil liability, in which the insured may adversely and unintentionally affect other persons located in adjoining dwellings.

Travel assistance: Provides family assistance on trips, in and out of the national territory.

Theft of credit cards: the company shall indemnify in the event of fraudulent use of the credit card in the event of the employment of force or physical or psychological violence

Technology and Internet: it provides specialized technical assistance via telephone or online chat, in case of requiring system configurations and/or presenting problems with your personal computer.

Legal assistance and advocacy: provides virtual or telephone counseling throughout the year.

Breakage of crystals

DIY Service: Some insurance companies provide service in the field of DIY, manual work of masonry, electricity, carpentry, among others.


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