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Know the types of short-term investments


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A short-term investment is to invest an amount of money and that it has returned with profits in a time of no more than one year.

Tips for investing in the short term
Before making an investment we should know that we are not playing that we are putting at risk an amount of money that can not serve to do other things, for this reason it is very important that you know what you are going to do and that you have an alternative to overcome any fall that may exist.
We must also first learn about this type of investment,it is advisable that we ask questions about it to someone who has already invested.
We must invest money that we do not need later because once we have already invested we must wait for the return time.
Another thing we also recommend is to diversify, If we diversify our investment we may have less risk of losing our investment because we have it separated into different companies or shares

Short-term types
Here are the types of investments you can make in the short term.

Shares are products that have a value placed by the company to find capital or solve a financial problem, the profitability of the shares can be varied and depend a lot on the company and the percentage of profit that this stock will have.

In most cases investing in stocks represents a great return and leaves a fairly high profit margin but it also has some risk when investing.

Also known as raw materials are goods that can be sold on the stock market there are different types of commodities that can be material in nature, food and other types of supplies.

This type of investment has certain characteristics that make it one of the most popular when investing. This feature is easy to negotiate as they are vital inputs for the production of goods and services.

They are also highly risky as the return on investment does not have a 100% Clara amount as it can be affected by climatic or political factors in the region where it is located. Also your return time depends on the type of product in which you have invested.

This term put in recent years very fashionable and is due to the impact that Internetlikes, in the world financeS More or less a risk investment, that we invest in SMEs that needs investment in exchange for future purchase of the company or a return.

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